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The Early Social Development Lab would love to hear from you! Please call us, e-mail us, or fill in the contact form and we will get right back to you!


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Prospective Research Students and Volunteer Applicants

The ESDL is not accepting any new volunteers, research assistants, or students at this time. We encourage you to contact other developmental labs in the Psychology and Neuroscience department to inquire about research/volunteer opportunities including…


Dr. Hélène Deacon’s Language and Literacy Lab

Contact: Lab Manager Stef Hartlin @



Dr. Sophie Jacques’ Early Learning Lab

Contact: Lab Director Dr. Sophie Jacques @



Dr. Drew Weatherhead's Cognition and Language Learning Research Group

Contact: Lab Director Dr. Drew Weatherhead @

Website: Cognition and Language Learning Research Group | Facebook


When contacting one of these labs regarding a volunteer position please include 1. a CV or Resume, 2. a copy of your current transcript (unofficial is fine), and 3. a small summary as to why you are interested in volunteering/joining the research team. Note that labs tend to look for students with a strong academic record (typically, a CGPA 3.7+), who have an interest in their specific research topics, and who are keen to get involved in research.  

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